Thara Tremblay-Nantel
President and Founder

Thara is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who loves to connect with people and was truly made for Public Relations. With her degree in communications and more than 12 years of experience in the industry, she founded Thara Communications 8 years ago and also co-founded, a collaborative communications startup, 6 years ago. She likes to think of herself as a matchmaker with the mission of making the media fall in love with her clients. She is eager to share her knowledge of the PR field as she has also been doing some training for the past 3 years, in addition to mentoring the agency's team.

Creative and passionate, she has accomplished successful mandates for clients in the tourism, gastronomy, beauty, culture and lifestyle and business markets, which makes her the best ally to make your projects shine in the media and with the influencers.

Solneige Diaz
Vice-President and Associate

Solneige was the very first employee of the agency and led large-scale mandates as a project manager for renowned clients for more than 6 years, before becoming a shareholder and Vice-President of the agency in order to support its evolution and ensure the success of all its projects.

Passionate about culture and media, she puts her heart, soul and energy into all the projects she manages to make them shine: She uses her creativity to make them stand out, in addition to coaching the team. She’s also a total epicurean foodie that is able to adapt to clients from the cultural, lifestyle as well as business scenes. 

For the past few years, she has also been sharing her passion for public relations and communications as a speaker and panelist at corporate and industry events. Along with Thara Tremblay-Nantel and Julien Tremblay, she also co-founded AgendaPR, an event calendar that allows all PR professionals to stay on top of launches and events in their niche.

Margaux Navas
Public Relations Project Manager

Margaux is a true multi-tasker at heart that equally enjoys creating and organizing, managing and executing, all while feeding on K-Pop and Korean TV shows. The fast-paced world of public relations and Thara Communications was an obvious path for her.  

Her marketing background as a former start-up e-commerce Project Manager, Editor-in-Chief of a mobile app then Content Strategy Specialist at La Vie en Rose helped her work her way into the Internet both professionally and personally... since she is also the influencer of the team! 

She gladly handles the outreach of the agency's clients with innovative press relations and influencer marketing strategies that always reach the target.

Justine Paquette
Public Relations Advisor / Relationnist

Justine is a social butterfly who truly loves people and local businesses. She is proud to actively contribute to their exposure through the agency's public relations and influencer marketing strategies.  Brimming with ideas, she knows how to find the perfect angle to make the clients shine in the media and on the web. Nothing motivates her more than positive responses from her projects.

Graduated from the Media Arts and Technologies program at Cégep de Jonquière in the Advertising and Event Coordination specialization, she developed a real passion for PR during her internship at Thara Communications. She also became a Social Media expert while working as a Social Media Content Manager in the past. Friendly and authentic, she is a trustworthy person who knows how to meet clients' expectations while having fun at her work every day.

Marie-Ève Albert
Public Relations Coordinator

With her mind constantly on alert and her news radar sharpened, Marie-Ève coordinates the agency's projects with care and excellent attention to detail.  Dynamic and proactive, she joyfully dives into the field of public relations with one goal in mind: to propel her clients onto the media scene. 

A student in the BAC in communication and entrepreneurship, Marie-Ève is a team player for whom fun at work is essential. She knows how to distinguish herself at the agency by her efficiency and her ability to listen in order to make her clients shine through original ideas that will allow them to stand out and seize opportunities.

Ariane Rousseau-Martin
Administration and Accounting Manager

Ariane masters the agency’s Excel spreadsheets as well as its accounting side to perfection. After graduating in accounting at UQAM, she worked in a human-scale accounting firm for over 6 years. She specializes in business management & accounting and providing customized, meticulous service is her greatest satisfaction. 

She is a true multitasker and organization is part of her DNA as she is also a mother of 4! She arrived shortly after the creation of Thara Communications and has provided support and links between clients and suppliers since then.

Audréanne Cuerrier
Public Relations Intern

Dynamic and full of energy would be the right words to describe Audréanne. Her life's missions are to give her 100% in everything she does, to constantly innovate and to bring joy wherever she goes. She graduated in public relations from Université du Québec in Montréal and is a communications enthusiast from a young age.

She joined Thara Communications as an intern to complete her academic journey and jump into the world of communications with a bang. She is eager to learn and wishes to explore all areas related to communications as well as marketing in order to satisfy her curiosity.